Shamanic Wisdom Series (3 Classes) Starts March 5 – Center for Human Development Hollywood, Florida

Shamanic TotemsThis Wisdom Series #1 will be extremely experiential, heart-opening, self-empowering, revealing, and rewarding. Most of what I will be sharing cannot be found in a book.  I will be drawing upon my varied experiences with traditions of Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Amazonian, Native American cultures, our Pachamama, & the plant spirits.

Insights will be included from my extensive studies and experiences with master shapeshifter and author John Perkins; ~ maestro don
Pepe Arancibia, Peru ~don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Pachakuti Mesa Cross-Cultural Tradition, ~Ruben Orellana, PHD Peruvian Archeologist; transpersonal psychologists; and my brilliant teacher of metaphysics, Renate Moore, now in the spirit world.

The teachings will incorporate cross-cultural shamanic and indigenous traditions and our beautiful, profound connection to our Earth
Mother ~ Pachamama ~ Gaia, and Her sentient beings for 7 generations.
Mitaykue Oyasin.

(You do not need prior experience in shamanic practices to participate)

Dates for Series 1:  

Class 1 – Thursday, 3/5/15 7pm – 9pm

Class 2 – Sunday, 3/8/15 10am – 5pm

Class 3 – Sunday, 3/29/15 10am – 5pm

Location: The Center for Human Development
5809 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL. 33021

Workshop fee: $175.00 (includes all supplies)
pre-registration required with 50% deposit by 2/28

Open the doorway … and step onto your illuminated path of heart-centered shamanic wisdom … allow for your personal fulfillment as an authentic,conscious being creating a life of ecstasy and beauty upon this New Earth.
Awakening… awaken your heart’s passions for your life, desires and purpose, utilizing ancient shamanic wisdom that has graced all cultures for millenniums.

In this experiential series you will become immersed in the energies of the Shamanic World and vibrational states of non-ordinary realities ~
You will learn the basics of shamanism and Earth Wisdom ~ You will learn and practice shamanic journeying ~ it is the basis of ALL shamanic work.

*You will discover your personal totems, power animals, and spirit guides*
*You will be working with the sacred four elements*

Opening to the Shamanic World ~ Part I
Thursday, March 5th, Module 1 – 7-9 pm
Creating Sacred Space ~ learn to create your personal altar, a vortex of contained sacredness for personal prayer & connection. Experience ancient earth wisdom and earth medicine practices. We will introduce ourselves to the sacred four elements of Fire, Water, Earth & Air.

Sunday, March 8th, Module 2 – 10-5 pm
*Shamanic Journeying & Non-Ordinary Realities ~ this is the basis for ALL shamanic work. We will begin to master the powerful art of shamanic journeying and learn how it differs from meditation practices, setting our intention for each journey and exploring non-ordinary realities.

  • We will discover your power animal.
  • We will journey to the 3 shamanic worlds- and receive your own personal guide for each world.
  • We will communicate with our spirits guides to assist us in our waking world around us with empowerment.
  • We will learn how to journey for clarity, knowledge & wisdom, & healing in your life.
  • We will be journeying with the 4 Sacred Elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, understanding your personal relationship with them, in your environment, in the world around you, and within you.
  • Shamanic journeying teaches us about living in balance and unity with our planet, sustainability, and living in harmony with the other beings that inhabit our earth with us.

Sunday March 29th, Module 3 – 10-5 pm
Review of Journeying Skill & Module 1

  • Ritual and Ceremonial Herbs and their uses ~ discover when and why to utilize certain herbs for cleansing, healing, altered realities and visioning purposes.
  • Short journeys for their “messages” & introduction of exploration of the plant kingdom and allies.
  • Journey to YOUR INNER SHAMAN – Understanding Your Role as Earth Stewards and Shamans in Today’s Modern Culture ~ gain a complete understanding of a “shaman” in today’s culture and what it means. We will explore YOUR relationships not only with your natural world in your immediate surroundings, but your local community and global relations.

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