Awakening & Transformation in Peru: Vision Quest Magic

GroupRainforest-crSo many people ask me, “What is a Spiritual Vision Quest?” Home fresh from the Solstice Vision Quest to Peru in June, there are seven travelers you can ask who are newly awakened to the magic. On the last day of our 14-day journey, I asked each of the travelers to tell me about their high points on the trip: What was their favorite day, their favorite site, and what Vision Quest experience impacted them the most?

They became still and quiet as they reflected on their journeys of self discovery on mystical lands, the memories of each day visibly flooding over and through them. Then they looked at each other and laughed with joy, tears welling in their eyes, smiles on their faces…

“Do we have to pick just one…?  They were All so incredibly beautiful and magnificent in their own way! There’s no way we can choose!”

RainforestPreserve-crWe began our journey in the jungle atmosphere of the Amazon Rainforest, the Madre de Dios region where we had modestly comfortable accommodations in a pristine environment, but were cut off from the technology “grid” we are so accustomed to in our developed nations. There was no power, there were cold showers – and (Gasp!) there were no cell phone or internet services. This created some immediate resistance and disenchantment for a few travelers. They immediately began to focus on the next modern world thought to come to mind: “Ok, what is our schedule? What are we doing next…and later today…and tomorrow?”

The reply from don Pepe, our spiritual guide: “Please, allow the day, the beauty & energy of Pachamama, the vibrant ENERGY all around you, the ceremonies, and the wisdom of the Mother plant to envelope you! Be open and be Blessed by the gifts your soul has brought you here to receive!”

Monkey-crAnd for those who ask me: “How do you ‘plan’ a spiritual vision quest?”  The answer is simple: “You don’t!”

The jungle sounds at sunrise, daily, and at night…the wildlife…the ecosystem…the plants…the jungle spirits and nature, intertwined… All abounded in myriad forms along our daily hikes into Pachamama’s virgin rainforest and lush landscape. All senses were awakened anew as it permeated every cell of our bodies, every thought, every conversation, every dream,  every ceremony and prayer, each footstep.

Seven individuals were becoming One ~ witnessing awakening, communing, honoring each other, bonding, and understanding on deeper and deeper levels of existence the ancient principles of cooperation and respect.

TresCrucesSunrise-June2015-crWe were One with an unforgettable Sunrise at Tres Cruces! In Solstice energies, we drove into another protected ecosystem of Manu Park to catch a mystical sunrise that only happens during 28 days of the entire year. Imagine! Cold and tired from the long trip, each of the seven Vision Questers embraced the splendor of the rays of INTI (the Incan sun god) for a full three hours! As they stood ABOVE the clouds and the rainforest below, they basked and rejoiced in the incredible display of colors, photons, and ribbons of light consciousness before them, filling their cells with solstice light and activation! They each intuitively spread their arms to welcome the infusion as they laughed, cried, and opened their spirits to a deeper & fuller aspect of themselves they had only just begun to understand!

JoseQero6-15-crReturning to Cuzco, we settled in at a very comfortable hotel with,“the best showers in Cuzco,” which made the travelers very happy indeed! It was here that they received ancient coca leaf readings and the traditional prayerful blessing of an andean despacho by our Q’ero elder, don Jose. The despacho ceremony and subsequent blessings secured permission for us to proceed on our journey from the venerated Apus, or mountain spirits that are guardians of the lands which we were about to travel upon.

Our experiences were many as we traveled to Sacred Valley, the Anta Valley, and to Machu Picchu. Each of the seven journeyers felt and experienced the lands of Pachamama, the sacredness of each site, the uniqueness… Pachamama’s Heart, their Hearts, and the profound healing of love, laughter, challenges, and tears, each of which increased the expansiveness of their spirits! With each moment, struggle became acceptance, resistance became flow, and what was rooted in fear or pain became transmuted into joy and love.


Such is a Vision Quest in Peru! I hope you are enjoying some of the pictures of our travels, and the Sacred Lands we were blessed and given permission to pray upon. Additional photos appear on my Facebook page, Chacaruna Healing and Shaman Spirits Cave.

Each of the participants in our Solstice Vision Quest has given permission to post photos of them and include their names where appropriate. I am in deep gratitude to each and every one of them for their participation, gifts, and and dedicated presence to themselves and to each other, as they expanded their consciousness on their exquisite Beauty Walk upon Pachamama.

MonaPepeTresCruc1-KHMy sincere gratitude and love to my Brother, don Pepe whose expertise and wisdom Bless me & provides the invitation to bring seekers to these sacred lands so they can RE-member who they truly are… I am grateful to the guidance he generously offers me  in each moment of my life.

Sulpayki, Muchas Gracias, Thank You Pachamama, Pachapapa, Apus, Inti, Santa Tierra, las plantas sagradas, y los espirtus, y ancestros, y galacticos!   Munay!

As always: “Walk softly on Pachamama, and be Her prayer…”

~Mona Rain~


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