Join don Oscar Miro-Quesada & The Shift Network in South Florida 7/26

GoldReverbs-ReducedYou are invited to Re-Member yourself… To understand anew your existence in this great web of life upon Gaia. To experience your connection to Pachamama, and all Her sentient beings.

You are invited to join the growing shamanic and metaphysical community in South Florida at The Center for Human Development in Hollywood, on Sunday July 26, from 6-8:30 p.m., for a unique evening of wisdom teachings and indigenous ceremony.

Join us and gather with like-minded hearts and souls to welcome the world renowned Peruvian kamasqa curandero don Oscar Miro-Quesada, who will lead the “heart awakening” event, “The Path of the Universal Shaman: Transforming Our World Through Sacred Living.” Also present will be a representative from The Shift Network. As you may know, The Shift Network is internationally recognized for its global efforts in creating an evolutionary shift in consciousness.

According to The Shift Network, this is an opportunity to experience initiation, community, and love, as we are led to view life through whole new lenses and to engage in ceremony by “one of the most trusted shamanic guides on our beloved Earth.”

In my experience, participating in ceremony with don Oscar is like being a child discovering the wonderment and vastness of the Universe; it is bowing upon Pachamama’s belly in complete reverence, drinking into your soul each droplet of bliss.  don Oscar offers wisdom and lineage traditions that will bless and course through the veins of the next 7 Generations. ~ mona rain

Learn more, and RSVP, here: You can also reserve a seat by calling The Center for Human Development directly: (954) 989-6400. If this speaks to your heart, please call soon, as the event is filling up fast!

You can learn more about don Oscar at his website, You can find The Shift Network at Please also look for them on Facebook: Heart of the Healer, and The Shift Network.

Of course, you can find The Center for Human Development and me on Facebook, too: Chacaruna Healing and Spirits Cave.

Shungo! {From my heart to yours}


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