8/8 Portal – The Lion’s Gate Apacheta Community Gathering

LionApacheta12On Saturday, August 8, 2015, a small group of curious “pilgrims” gathered in rare energies, and gifted offerings to the growing Apacheta, or Stone Cairn, that blesses the grounds at the Center for Human Development in Hollywood, Florida.

It was the community’s unique opportunity to gather as one in sacred space, within the energies of the “Lion’s Gate Portal,” a harmonic alignment of spirit and matter that occurs annually. It was a moment to profoundly experience the Lower, Middle, and Upper worlds in alignment with our Mother Earth, Heavens and Star Relations, and the Self.

Midway through the offerings, the Upper realms gave a loud “roar” of resounding Thunder over and over as we completed the ceremonial offerings. When we invite and listen…the Spirits join us!! Much gratitude to all the seen and unseen who were present!

We invite community members and South Florida visitors of all Spiritual Paths to stop by the Center at any time to sit by the Apacheta to offer prayers, unburden themselves, and to commune in their own ways with this continually growing blessing upon our Earth Mother, Her sentient beings, the community both near and far, and the Self. And of course, to offer more Stone Relatives!

Your gift of Stone Relatives, with its unique vibrations of our Mother Earth, will join Stone Relatives from around the world, the Adirondacks, New York; Andalusia, Spain near the Virgin de la Nieves (a ceremonial altar still utilized by local priestesses); Algonquin lands of western Pennsylvania; Mount Shasta, the Pacific Shore, Valley Springs, and San Diego, California; the Oregon Coast; Ruck’s Pit, and Blowing Rocks, Florida; Tennessee; Sedona, and Sonqo Pachamama, Arizona; Peru; Brazil; and Bolivia.

Gratitude in every direction for all sentient beings and energies that gather to construct and weave LIGHT~

~Mona Rain

~Marguerite Pizatti, Manager of The Center for Human Development

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“Walk softly on Pachamama and be Her prayer.” ~ Mona


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