Medicine from the Mesa: A January Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon is in Leo tonight, January 23, 2016, at 8:46pm est. South Florida Shamanic Practitioner Mona Rain offers this Full Moon Ritual* ~ Medicine from the Mesa:

Regaining Our Sacred Connection to the Rhythms of Nature and OurSelf

This Full Moon Ritual ritual may be done on your own in private, or as part of a group ritual. To prepare, select a cleansed (saged) crystal, stone or other sacred item to be infused with the rarefied energies of January’s full moon. (Be aware ~ the sacred item might just choose you!) In addition, gather together an offering of gratitude such as tobacco, blue or yellow cornmeal, or Florida water.

Just before 8:46 pm est**,  stand outside facing the full moon, with your sacred item in your left hand, open to the moon’s FULL lunar essence. This Full Moon in Leo expresses our authentic radiant heart, supported by the energies of our planetary Sun in Aquarius. It is a Full Moon of dreaming and visioning, manifesting possibilities you have always desired with full capacity and plenty of energy.

As you connect deeply with Grandmother Moon, also known as Mama Killa (“Kee-Yah”), offer prayers of greeting and gratitude, and then speak your intentions and visions to Her. As close to the peak of the moon’s fullness as you can, blow your prayers of dreaming into your sacred item. Bask in Her presence, remaining bathed in the beauty of Mama Killa’s lunar light for as long as you desire. Know that you have now asked the natural energies of the Universe to support your process.

When you feel complete, end this ritual with gratitude by offering tobacco, cornmeal, or water to Mother Earth – Mama Pacha. This act creates a cycle of sacred reciprocity, also known as ayni (“eye-knee”)***, within the web of life.

When you return to your mesa or altar, place your sacred item in the cardinal direction of the west. This is the direction of the energies of Mama Killa, dreaming, water, and the Heart! Let the energy enliven your mesa, and your ongoing prayers. Be aware of future manifestations of this night’s intentions, and connect with these energies for continued clarity in your sacred earth walk.

Full Moons are all about culmination of inner and outer abundance at every level! This particular Full Moon also supports projects and travel, new relationships and new partnerships. Dream well! <3

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*With respect, this ritual is based upon a Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) teachings.

**According to don Oscar Miro-Quesada, founder of the PMT, moon rituals may be done effectively in the three days leading up to and following new and full moons.

***Read Mona’s blog post about ayni, “sacred reciprocity,” here.

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