South Florida Shamanic Practitioner Offers Hot Stone Therapy Winter Special

Transform winter’s chill from the inside out with a PACHAMAMA HOT STONE THERAPY Session from South Florida shamanic practitioner Mona Rain! From now through Friday, February 5th, 2016, Mona is reducing the price of her 1.5 hour Hot Stone Therapy Services from $135.00 to $120.00 – that’s a $15.00 savings on a comprehensive, sacred experience that she says will, “Warm your Heart and Soul.”

Mona’s Pachamama Hot Stone Massage Therapy Session includes:

  • Energetic cleansing through the use of sage and smudging
  • Essential oils, and very particular hot stone therapeutic massage placement, as Mona is directed by her guides
  • Use of rattle and/or rainstick for energetic sounds that work in tandem with the therapy
  • Soothing sounds of indigenous flute music throughout the session
  • Palo Santo (holy wood from South America) Blessings

Mona’s “Chacaruna Healing & Shaman Spirits Cave” is located in Boynton Beach, South Florida, a convenient drive for residents and tourists in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Dade County. To schedule an appointment to take advantage of this Pachamama Hot Stone Therapy Winter Special, or to inquire about any of Mona’s extensive in-person or distance services, call (954) 675-5945, or email

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