Medicine from the Mesa: A February New Moon Ritual

The New Moon is in Aquarius on Monday, February 8, 2016, at 9:40 a.m. South Florida shamanic practitioner Mona Rain offers this New Moon Ritual ~ Medicine from the Mesa, which can be practiced one one’s own or with a group:

Regaining Our Sacred Connection to the Rhythms of Nature and OurSelf

Welcome, potent time of darkness, the deep and protective stillness now abundantly rich with possibilities that are stirring toward manifestation and light. Each month, the New Moon offers us the energy of new beginnings, the inception of vision and hope, new conscious ground for planting seeds of new awareness. It is a powerful time for personal inner work on a spiritual and psychological level, as well as for creating new visions for the world around you, from your family and community, to global consciousness.

This New Moon in Aquarius offers the opportunity to remain committed and dedicated to the new relationships, partnerships, and travels that were initiated by January’s Full Moon. With that in mind, become aware of areas of your life that call you to exercise discipline, deepen your practices, and engage in healthy devotion. Be aware of the gifts you may be taking for granted, and the comfort zones where you may be hiding from growth, promise, and potential. Connect with the blessings of reciprocal graces to which you have offered of yourself, and have also opened yourself to receive from others.

To prepare for this Medicine from the Mesa ritual:

  • Familiarize yourself with the traditional Seneca prayer honoring Grandmother Moon, “Neesa, Neesa, Neesa,” by listening to this beautiful rendition by Brooke Medicine Eagle.
  • Gather sage or any cleansing materials you prefer to use before ritual and ceremony, and purify your energies, shedding any concerns, stresses, or distractions that might keep you from entering into full communion with the New Moon.
  • Be mindful of where the cardinal direction of the West is located on your Mesa or Altar, or where it is outdoors if you are performing this ritual beneath the darkened sky. This is also the direction of emotions, dreams, and the element of Water. (Of note: Though Aquarius is an air sign, its symbol is that of, “The Water Bearer.”)
  • As with any ritual, have an earth offering of gratitude at hand, such as tobacco, blue or yellow cornmeal, or Florida water.

To perform this Medicine from the Mesa ritual:

  • Stand in the West direction of your Mesa, intentionally expressing your connection with the Ancestors of the Seneca Tribe of our Original People of North America (known to the Original People as “Turtle Island”).
  • Honor Grandmother Moon, Mama Killa (“Kee-Yah”), during this auspicious time by beginning, as always, with prayers of honor and gratitude…
  • When you feel connected with Mama Killa, who holds you securely in Her monthly mantle of darkness, speak your intentions and visions to Her. If you are in a group, it can be very powerful to have others bear witness to your visions, and to do the same for others.*

To close this Medicine from the Mesa ritual:

  • When all intentions and visions have been given voice, be still in the abiding monthly darkness for a moment, aware of messages, visions, sounds, and any other guidance that may come to you.
  • When you feel complete, begin chanting, “Neesa, Neesa, Neesa.”
  • In gratitude and sacred reciprocity (“AYNI”**), offer your cornmeal, tobacco or sacred waters to our Sentient Mother Earth, once again restoring and maintaining balance in the cycles of nature and Self.

New Moon Blessings!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

* What’s shared at a Mesa or Altar stays at the Mesa or Altar! Uphold safe, sacred space for your brothers and sisters.

**Read Mona’s blog post about ayni, “sacred reciprocity,” here.

~ With respect, this Medicine from the Mesa ritual is based upon a Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) teachings.

~ According to don Oscar Miro-Quesada, founder of the PMT, moon rituals may be done effectively in the three days leading up to and following new and full moons.


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