Medicine from The Mesa: A February Full Moon Ritual

Have you felt the energies building? Grandmother Moon will be at her fullest, in the constellation of Virgo, on Monday, February 22, 2016, at 1:20 p.m. South Florida shamanic practitioner Mona Rain is honored to share this Full Moon Ritual with you, Medicine from her Mesa. This ritual can be performed on one’s own, or in the sacred space of a circle. 

Regaining Our Sacred Connection to the Rhythms of Nature and OurSelf

Our divine cosmic dance continues, with our next steps taking us into the fullness of light. This Full Moon is all about supporting our Spiritual path in our waking world with precision! It’s about allowing our Spiritual Essence – Pisces– to manifest with the earthly support of Virgo, and bringing all our gifts of Spirit down through our bodies, and out into the world. Full Moon energy offers us full immersion in transmutation, manifestation, and inner and outer abundance within our prayerful earth walk. Virgo supports our organization, detailing and fulfillment of projects, and our physical body.

Because Virgo is an Earth sign, we will be working with the south area of our Mesas – with the element of Earth, PACHAMAMA. You may have a stone relative or crystal inhabiting this direction; infusing it in ritual with the full vibrational frequency of Grandmother Moon, Mama Killa (“Kee-Yah”) will powerfully assist you in your waking world this month.

To prepare for this Medicine from the Mesa ritual:

  • Have the stone or crystal relative from the south of your Mesa at hand. If you work with an altar, select a stone or crystal for this ritual, with the intention of placing it in the south area of your sacred space.
  • Have tobacco or cornmeal available to offer to Pachamama, with gratitude, at the end of the ritual.
  • Use dried sage, sage spray, or the like to smudge/cleanse yourself, your mesa or altar, and your stone/crystal.
  • Ideally, engage in this ritual as close to the full moon’s peak as possible, between Sunday, February 22nd and Tuesday, the 23rd.

To perform this Medicine from the Mesa ritual:

  • Be outdoors, or in a window with a full view of Mama Killa, close your eyes, and feel for Her moonbeams. Notice your Guides who gather around you. Give thanks…
  • Stand in the brilliance of the moonlight, holding your PACHAMAMA stone in your left hand. Direct your 3rd eye and crown chakra to the full moon.
  • Breathe deeply as you connect your bottoms of your feet and your base chakra deep within the Earth Mother. Take your time as you now release unwanted energy, stagnation with each exhale, from each chakra center, directing the energy into the earth for transmutation, until you feel complete.
  • Next, allow new vibrant energy from our nurturing Mother Earth into the bottoms of your feet, traveling up through your seven chakras, from root to crown. Allow the energy to travel through your heart, down your left arm and into your left hand, infusing your stone or crystal relative… Breathe and observe, until you feel nourished, and complete.
  • When ready, again direct your attention to the Virgo full moon ~ connecting the energies from above, the moon, and below, the earth, through your heart chakra. Focus and journey with your prayers, aspirations, vision, organization, asking for a clear temple within your physical body to carry your spirit forth within your world.

To close this Medicine from the Mesa ritual:

  • When complete, feeling embodied with the support from the natural world, blow your spirit breath into your Pachamama stone, sealing the energy.
  • In the spirit of AYNI, offer your gift of tobacco or cornmeal to Pachamama. I highly recommend leaving your Pachamama stone or crystal out overnight, directly on the Earth Mother with your gift of tobacco or cornmeal, to further charge its essence within the natural world.
  • Write down any guidance that came to you.
  • When your infused stone is returned to your Mesa or altar, be aware that it will contribute to “feeding” your entire mesa, each direction, each piece, and the center of your altar ground, enlivening the animating essence of your life and sacred earth walk.

Continue your prayers and journey for the next week, and journal your experiences. Watch for the magic!

“Walk softly upon Pachamama and Be Her Prayer.” ~ Blessings,  Mona


~ With respect, this Medicine from the Mesa ritual is based upon Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) teachings.


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