Medicine from the Mesa: March 2016 New Moon & Solar Eclipse Ritual

Mama Killa, Mother Moon, goes “behind her New Moon blanket of night” this evening at 8:54 p.m. est. The New Moon will be in Pisces and, for an additional energetic infusion, it is a Super Moon (at one of Her closest points to Pachamama).  As if that weren’t enough vibrational “fuel” for thought, there is a Total Solar Eclipse occurring almost simultaneously! We won’t be able to see the eclipse here on the east coast of the United States, but we – and our kindred spirits here – are certainly feeling it…

With our divinely feminine Luna being so physically close to us, and situated in Pisces, Her force may pull you deeply into the tides of your dreams and visions. Although Pisces is a water sign, air is the element that has presented itself to Mona as a means of bringing Spirit into our highest aspirations for manifestation, so as not to be lost in our dreamy emotional bodies. The North, where air and winds reside, is the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) direction of VISION. This offering from Mona’s Mesa will guide you in working intimately with the sacred natural rhythms of this moment in time. It can be performed on one’s own, or in the sacred space of a circle.

To prepare for this Medicine from the Mesa New Moon Ritual

  • Have a flute, sacred whistle, or other means of offering gratitude with the North available.
  • Prepare your Mesa, or your Altar, as guided by Spirit.
  • Always: Have tobacco or cornmeal available to offer to Pachamama, with gratitude, at the closing of this ritual.
  • Always:  Use dried sage, sage spray, or the like to smudge/cleanse yourself, your mesa or altar, and in this case, your sound-maker, as you begin.
  • Always: Have your journal and a writing instrument handy.
  • Perform this ritual as close to the New Moon’s peak as possible.

To perform this Medicine from the Mesa New Moon Ritual

Sit, connect, and journey with your Mesa as close to 8:54 p.m. est as possible (most potent), with or without drumming/rattling, as best suits your state of being. Your intentions:

  • As eclipses are happening in vibratory ways all over Gaia/Pachamama, ask for some quick energy to break up obstacles, perceptions, and old ways of thinking that you need to release.
  • Allow yourself to dream & VISION with clarity your next steps toward your visions, and how to breathe new life into your commitment to your aspirations. Ask your Mesa to guide you from the Upper Realms, HanaqPacha, the North direction, allowing the air and winds to assist you. Take your time in this realm of Spirit…
  • Upon completion of the journey, write down any messages you receive in your journal.
  • When done writing, to fully activate the New Moon Mesa Medicine you received, direct your attention to the sky while opening your crown and third eye chakras. Surrender to lunar essence, allowing Mama Killa to bathe these energy centers. Bask in the Being that precedes Creation, the moment a seed is poised to open, to be realized in matter, in the growing warmth of the coming spring equinox.

To close this Medicine from the Mesa New Moon Ritual

Burn your sacred smudge, and gift the spirits of the North for what you have released, and what you have Visioned, with a flute or whistle. Know that you are “gifting wind-air” in sacred reciprocity (AYNI) to Mama Killa.

Miraculous Intentional VISIONING to You!   ~~Blessings,  Mona

Medicine from the Mesa: Regaining Our Sacred Connection to the Rhythms of Nature and OurSelf

~ “Walk softly with Pachamama and Be Her Prayer.” ~

~ With respect, this Medicine from the Mesa ritual is based upon Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) teachings. ~

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