Shamanic Wisdom Series Part 2 – South Florida, March 19 & 20


SHAMANIC WISDOM SERIES PART 2 ~ Deepening Your Walk With Gaia/Pachamama & Ceremonial Reverence
~ Apacheta Building & Journeying with the Lands
~ Ofrendas and Despachos

~ Self Awareness
~ Ayllu~Family and Communal Meal
~ Transformational Fire Ceremony and Burning of Despacho
~ Re-membering our Wholeness

As we become more familiar with our sentient world around us, we become aware of the desire to be in right relationship, and more intimately connected, with Gaia/Pachamama. Shamanic Wisdom Series Part 2 allows for our continued shamanic path and earth walk to further expand with these simple, yet profound teachings.

In these 2 days you will grow in ceremonial reverence as you learn how to create your own apacheta or stone cairn, participate in a  despacho ceremony, experience the community of our ayllu-extended family, and participate in a transformative fire ceremony under the heavens.

The timing of this gathering is potent: We will honor the cycles of Gaia/Pachamama with our despacho at the Spring Equinox ~ a balance of day and night ~ and will focus our intention to create alignment of balance in our lives. We will be nurturing of new life within ourselves, our family and community, and all sentient life.

Practices and rituals offered in this workshop are shared with permission from the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross Cultural Shamanic Arts, and traditional lineages of Peru highlands, and northern coastal regions. They are based upon Mona’s extensive trainings and travels in Peru and Ecuador, and her direct encounters from the shamans, curanderas, curanderos, Q’ero, and the Lands of Pachamama.

The schedule for this workshop is as follows:

Day 1:  Saturday, March 19, 2016 – 11 am-4 pm (ending time is approximate)

~~ Call in the Seven Sacred directions and Consecrate the Lands for our Ceremonial Connection.
~~ Shamanic Journey to call for guidance in manifestation of the group creation, and care for the existing community apacheta that was built at the Center for Human Development in June 2015.
~~ Apacheta Building:  What is an apacheta? Receive a detailed explanation of the Purpose, Intention, Ceremonial Aspects, and “care and feeding” of this vortex of energy.

~~ Self Awareness & return journey to your “Inner Shaman” – Further your indigenous wisdom and guidance with personal and environmental balance and maintenance in your daily life.  Tools and skills will be offered for the utilization of this self awareness. Participate in discussion and, a shamanic journey with your earth star chakra and the sentience of the new Gaian consciousness, providing you with a stronger embodied connection. As an embodied earth steward, you will re-member the abundant, regenerative cycles and rhythms of our natural world. “Awaken” your personal environment in the process, inviting more of your spirit allies and shamanic earth family to surround you and offer their guidance.

Day 2:  Sunday, March 20, 2016 – 2:30-8:30 pm

~~Despachos ~ Reciprocity, Prayers, Ofrendas, Reverence… As we continue to deepen our walk with our Earth Mother, you will participate and learn ceremonial & ritual reciprocity ~ ayni. You will be taught the  basics of an andean despacho, both the traditional and organic – the differences, the purpose and intent behind them, and how to create your own earth offerings ~ ofrenda.
~~Creation of a Ceremonial Group Despacho ~ To strengthen our resonance and harmony with our animating universe around us.
~~Re-membering your Wholeness through Ritual, Ceremony and Prayer, and Community – Ayllu, Commual Dinner.
~~Evening Celebration, Transformative Fire Ceremony & gifting of Despacho to the Fire for the Spring Equinox!

Where:  The Center for Human Development
5809 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021

Cost:  $175.00 Register with 50% Deposit to Mona Rain by March 13th
(Thank you for your timeliness with deposits, as Mona will be purchasing supplies in advance.)

RSVP:  Contact: Mona Rain @ 954-675-5945 ~ (previous attendees please contact me personally)

~~Included in Workshop Fee:
All Ceremonial Supplies, Despacho Supplies, Tea, Coffee, Water

~~Please Bring:
*One medium to large package of Bay Leaves
*Natural flowers from your yard or neighborhood for Saturday
*Lunch on Saturday
*One or more large stone relatives to be ceremoniously added to the Center’s existing Apacheta

*Pot Luck sharing for our Evening Meal on Sunday

Thank you for your consideration of participation in these advanced practices of ceremonial reverence. It is my desire to offer these practices to restore sacred balance to our consciousness of our Mother Earth, Gaia~Pachamama, the Ancestors of all lands, and for the next Seven Generations…our children, our grandchildren, and their children…to remember our wholeness and our oneness again.  Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin ~ Ajallo!
I hope to see you in circle soon, in the blessing of the Center for Human Development upon the sacred grounds there where so many find healing and peace.

~Walk Softly Upon Pachamama and Be Her PRAYER~
~mona rain~

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