Earth Day 2016: Medicine from The Mesa

Earth Day Blessings! At the beginning of last year, I received a message through my Mesa from the Masters: I was to travel to Peru and, on the Spring Equinox, I was to join with my mentor in Cuzco to activate an ancient stargate.

Pachamama holds many sacred sites all over the world, such as Machu Picchu, and Tiahuanaco. Before we visited the stargate, I was given this passage from the book, Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, by author and trance channel Barbara Marciniak:

“When you visit ancient sacred sites that you call power places, you experience electromagnetic formulas for higher consciousness. You often pick up what you left there thousands of years ago for you to reclaim! By journeying to these places, your body is exposed to these energies and accesses the blueprint along which you can evolve.  

“The ancients built temples and megalithic structures in particular places to utilize the accumulation of energy in vortices… Locations were designed as broadcasting stations, as calendars, or as oracles to read the future and expand reality.

“Most civilizations have stored data in stone. Earth reads you as you live and breathe on her, and she knows the stage of your development and your ability to accept responsibility. Sacred sites, therefore, become activated by individuals who use their own keys of consciousness to unlock the sites, remembering and releasing the knowledge stored and experienced in them.

When you enter sacred sites and intentionally imagine your chakras as doorways of energy opening to your personal memories, the sites become activated. Imagination is the most powerful force available to humankind. The ancients had the ability to feel the abundance of energy in these locales. They tapped into and used these enhanced places where lines of energy joined forces and there was a merging and meeting of dimensions and other worlds.  Every time you visit a site, you bring about a quickening and activation. At the same time, you assist in triggering events that will propel the people of the world to recognize and value themselves as spiritual beings…”

While preparing for a recent trip to the small village of Italaque, Bolivia, to pray on behalf of another and his Ancestral lineage, the Masters spoke to me through my Mesa once again, bringing me back to the same passage; I feel that this time it is important to share it on a larger scale. I believe it contains line by line instructions for “unlocking and activating” consciousness as we ALL do the great work of Pachamama, not just on Earth Day, but every day. Please, if you feel so inclined, pass it on!

Munay, Pachamama!  ~~mona rain~~


~ Note:  I share this Earth Day message in tribute to my Father – Pappa –  my first teacher of the beauty of our Mother Earth ~ Mamma Pacha. Three years ago today, we returned his body into the arms of Mother Earth, and in each moment as I walk among the Ancestors and sacred sites, he is always beside me, smiling and happy!

~ Click here to obtain a copy of Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, by Barbara Marciniak.

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