Summer Solstice & Full Moon Medicine from the Mesa

Medicine from The Mesa ~ Regaining Our Sacred Connection to the Rhythms of Nature and OurSelf

Happy Summer Solstice, our longest day, filled with over 15 hours of sunlight! Full Moon Blessings to you, as well! It is extremely unusual for these two events to coincide, and the rarefied energies they are emitting together are palpable.

In the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, here on “Turtle Island” in the Northern Hemisphere* it is Qhapaq Raymi, the time for “Royal Celebration” in honor of INTI, the sun god. Collectively, it is a time for giving thanks, and for dance-filled, life affirming celebrations of the gifts of the season. It is also time to be in “larger communion” with the light – to consciously embrace the work of “mastery over the light.”

On a personal level, this is a potent moment in which to consciously invite INTI’s light and warmth into your Life to energize your physical body, and replenish your “light body.’ It is the perfect time for Vision Quests to receive higher guidance, or to simply spend some time with NATURE alone. The pure rays at sunrise are particularly powerful these days. This is a time to restore balance, and to give gratitude for your life’s path with joy.

During such occasions, offrendas of tobacco, cornmeal, and despachos, as well as the “feeding” of apachetas, are always wonderful ways to honor Pachamama, the elements, the season, and Spirit.

While seeking a Quechua proverb regarding Inti’s wisdom and blessing, we came across this stanza that is part of an Inca poem. Recite it out loud, or to yourSelf, throughout today and the next few days. Feel your connection to Inti, and to the Ancient Ones who lived these words.

6: Prayer to the Sun
Lord Wiracocha,
Who says
“Let there be day, let there be night!”
Who says,
“Let there be dawn, let it grow light!”
Who makes the Sun, your son,
move happy and blessed each day,
so that man whom you have made has light:
My Wiracocha,
shine on your Inca people,
illuminate your servants,
whom you have shepherded,
let them live
happy and blessed
preserve them
in peace,
free of sickness, free of pain.

6: Oración al Sol
“P’unchaw kachun, tuta kachun,”
nispa niq.
“Paqarichun, illarichun,”
nispa niq.
P’unchaw churikiqta
qasillaqta qespillaqta purichiq
runa ruwasqaykipta
k’anchay k’anchay kananpaq
qasilla qespilla punchaw Inka
Runa yana michisqaykiqta
killariy k’anchariy
ama unquchispa, ama nanachispa
qasiqta qespiqta waqaychaspa.

May you work (and play!) consciously with the energies of the Summer Solstice Sun and the “Strawberry” Full Moon, and may this cosmic duo of masculine and feminine energies bring you balance and peace.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*In the Southern Hemisphere, on “Heart Island,” it is Winter Solstice – their shortest day of the year and a time to “master darkness.” In Peru, they are observing Inti Raymi, Celebration of the Sun.



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  1. Robin says:

    A wonderful prayer and teaching. Thank you for sharing!

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