South Florida Shaman Mona Rain Offers Distance Healings, Despachos from Peru, July 12-17, and Other Unique Offerings

An announcement made by Mona Rain and don Pepe, with deep gratitude to both the Spirits of the healing medicine traditions of Peru, and to all those who will avail themselves of the following unique opportunities for transmutation, transformation, healing, well-being, and growth. Shungo! (From our hearts to yours!)

This July, South Florida Shamanic Practitioner Mona Rain will be in Peru, where she will further her apprenticeship with don Pepe, and where together they will provide several unique opportunities for your healing from the exquisite energies of Pachamama, the Mountain Spirits (Apus), and the sacred plant allies. They will perform distance healings, and offer traditional despachos, for your specific intentions. You may also arrange to purchase traditional Peruvian Mesa Cloths, that Mona will hand-pick on your behalf.

The Shamans’ Guides have made clear that the healing energies of this trip are to extend through Mona’s return from Peru to her “Shaman Spirits and Healing Cave” in Boynton Beach, Florida, with a special offer for in-person sessions.

Details for these opportunities are as follows:

Shamanic Distance Healings & Despacho Offerings by Maestro don Pepe and Maestra Mona

Shamanic Distance Healings will take place on sacred sites on Pachamama between Tuesday, July 12 and Saturday, July 17. Your healing will be arranged prior to those dates for your specific intentions in healing of soul, body, heart, and/or mind. When doing a distance healing for others, Mona says “We will be present in sacred ceremony as we coalesce with the pristine healing medicine traditions on your behalf. We call upon the Spirits of the lands of Peru, Pachamama, the sacred sites, the sacred plant allies for your healing and transformation. Health issues and maladies, addictions, cleansing of long standing personal issues of dense energies, fears, phobias, soul loss are examples of what can be addressed.” Click here to read about “the mechanics behind the mystery” of Shamanic Distance Healing, and click here to Read Testimonials from those who have benefited from this healing modality.


A Despacho Offering will be created just for you according to your wishes and intentions. This blessing and offering allows for Ayni – ‘right relationship’ or ‘sacred reciprocity’- with the tutelary spirits. Organic despacho offerings are made on your behalf to the Apus, the mountain guardians, and to Gaia/Pachamama, allowing for blessings, balance, abundance, harmony, and guidance to return to your life. To learn more about Ayni, please click here.

Along with the knowledge, insights, and energetic benefits created through these unique services, each recipient of distance healing and despacho offerings will receive a small complimentary present from Mona upon her return! It may be a small Peruvian textile, a rattle, or other artifact that Mona finds in the traditional marketplace.

The number of rare, traditional Peruvian healing and despacho ceremonies to be facilitated by these two seasoned curanderos over the course of six days is limited. Book yours ASAP!

Place an order to purchase authentic Peruvian Mesa Cloths via Mona…

…who personally meets many of the artists whose artistic and medicinal skills are woven directly into the threads and patterns. These cloths serve as potent, powerful bases for Mesas, Altars, and Healing Work. All orders, and payments for same, are due to Mona by Thursday, July 7.  Prices vary according to the general size of the cloth requested, and any possible shipping fees.

Special Offer for In-Person, Pre-Paid Sessions

With gratitude for the opportunity to apprentice with don Pepe and Pachamama, Mona also makes this offering:  Book a pre-paid session with Mona by Friday, July 9, for in-person healing when she returns (from July 24th on), and you will receive a complimentary gift from Peru!

To plan a Distance Healing Session or Despacho Ceremony from Peru (availability limited), arrange for the purchase of a Mesa Cloth, or schedule a pre-paid Session with Mona in Boynton Beach for when she returns (and receive a gift from a Peruvian marketplace), please email Mona as soon as possible, at

Says Mona, “don Pepe and I will be working in the powerful energies of our Summer Solstice, which is Peru’s Winter Solstice – their time of ‘mastery over darkness,’ and the lighting of fires within, and without. The energies of their recent Celebration of the Sun, Inti Raymi, will be infusing everything we do on our upcoming trip.”

Ausungate over Cuzco, Peru.

Ausungate over Cuzco, Peru.

With every blessing for all who will be touched by and engaged in the healing, harmony, and wisdom that these ancient ceremonies bring. With gratitude for transforming energies that transcend time and space~~~

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