What is Shamanic Distance Healing?

Shamanic Distance Healings, also referred to as “Remote Healings,” are offerings from Curanderas and Curanderos (Medicine Women and Men) who work in energetic realms, on behalf of the health and well-being of one who has requested such a healing. To answer many of the questions we receive about this shamanic practice, we offer this post to describe both the literal and energetic “mechanics behind the mystery.”

Here in “real time,” the first step is for the Shaman to consult with the recipient who asks for distance healing, in order to keenly understand the nature of the request, which may be for the soul, body, heart, and/or mind of oneSelf, or for a painful, complex, and/or confusing situation. Health issues and maladies, addictions, cleansing of long-standing personal issues or dense energies, fears, phobias, and soul loss are examples of personal intentions. The need for peace and guidance in navigating misunderstandings, an ending to the repetition of harmful family patterns, and “closure” for all manner of issues of grief are just a few of the common intentions one might set for a challenging situation.

The consultation will spark guidance from both the Shaman’s Spirit Allies and helping guides, and from the recipient’s guides as well. The Shaman will honor all such information in preparation for the healing ceremony, and will inform the recipient if s/he needs to prepare in any specific ways, or to have anything in particular on hand at the time the healing will take place (e.g., water, a tobacco offering, etc.).

When the distance healing is to occur, it is ideal for the recipient to be in a quiet, calm, receptive space (some find this intentional moment of receptive connection to be “magical”), but if that is not possible, healing will occur nonetheless! Afterward, the Shaman will share details of the healing with the recipient, including what took place physically, along with any visions, guidance, and messages that are to be passed along to the recipient. The receiver of the distance healing has the opportunity to provide feedback to the Shaman as well, to share experiences, thoughts, sensations, and such that occurred during and after the healing.

South Florida Shamanic Practitioner Mona Rain offers distance healing, both from her “Chacaruna Healing & Shaman Spirits Cave” in Boynton Beach, as well as from sacred sites around the world – especially from Peru, her “soul’s homeland.”

Distance Healing from the Shaman’s Perspective

This is how Mona describes the “mystery” of the distance healing process, which occurs in “timelessness,” and the powerful results that this shamanic practice can make manifest:

“A Shaman is one who enters into alternate states of reality, or trance, to perform healing rituals. Shamanic traditions are based on the fact that all is energy, and therefore we are not bound by time and space. We are energy in physical form, and an integral part of the animating universe around us.

“During a distance healing, a sacred healing space (such as a sacred site in Peru known for its pure, ancient Medicine) is ceremoniously inhabited on behalf of the one being healed. The Shaman, Curandero/dera, and her/his Spirit allies enter non-ordinary states of reality on the recipient’s behalf, and enter into a bridge-like* state between the Medicine and the person who has requested healing.

“Shamans follow the guidance of the Spirit Helpers who appear to them in non-ordinary time. In sacred, protected space they may perform soul retrievals**, extract/cleanse unwelcome energies, work with the very cells and atoms underlying an illness or injury, and/or other tasks as directed. They may also perform a Despacho Ceremony, to restore blessings and balance to life through healing and the creation of ‘right relationship.’ Time is relative, and the tutelary Spirits will ‘deliver’ the healing to the recipient just as if the healing was taking place in person.”

Why engage in Distance Healing – and why work with Shamanic Distance Healers Mona Rain and don Pepe?

The deep desire to make pilgrimages to healing, grace-filled human-built sites, and to the dynamic energies of sacred waters and lands (shrines, rivers, temples, mountains, unusual or stunning natural land formations, architectural structures, and lands where miracles have taken place, to name but a few). Traveling to such places seeking transformation – making a journey with the hope of a miracle, even if the miracle is a shift in perspective – is an ancient calling that we can still see in action at places like Stonehenge, and Mecca, and Machu Picchu. The shifts that people experience while heeding this call are chronicled in bestselling books like Cheryl Strayed’s Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, and Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

But not everyone has the ability, financially and physically, to travel to such places. Distance healing, or remote healing, is for those people who can’t make the physical journeys, but who are still called to work with the Shamans and Medicines of indigenous cultures.  The skills of the adept Shaman, the high and pristine vibration of nature in a remote location, the energy and power of ancient lands and customs – all work together for the benefit of the recipient in amazing ways. In fact, many report that distance healing has been just as effective as in-person shamanic healing! Many say they are able to sense, see, hear and feel what the shaman healer is doing, and to witness for themselves the energy of the tutelary spirits.

Mona offers such distance healing opportunities to anyone, from anywhere, and renders them from her “Sacred Healing Cave.” She also provides distance healings that are co-offered by herself and her primary teacher in Peru, don Pepe, on the sacred lands of “Heart Island” (South America); some of the sites are well known, and others that are far from the well-trod tourist paths. Together, Mona and don Pepe bring a female/male balance of energy and experience to each distance healing they conduct. Mona & don Pepe’s shared vision is to offer healing and ceremony to their “brothers and sisters” for harmony and balance upon Pachamama by walking Her sacred lands as prayer, and practicing the ancient healing traditions. “As one heals, we all heal,” says Mona. “We are all connected in the great web of life.”

Additional information, as well as testimonials for shamanic distance healings performed by Mona, and by Mona and don Pepe, can be found on the “Distance Healing” page on this Chacaruna Healing website.

Arrange Distance Healing on Behalf of YourSelf or a Loved One
To arrange for remote healing with either Mona, or from Mona and don Pepe together, please contact Mona at Mona@ChacarunaHealing.com. Check out Mona’s “Events & Blog” page for information the latest posts on her upcoming travels to work with don Pepe, and other shamanic offerings.

Contact: Mona@ChacarunaHealing.com

“Walk softly with Pachamama, and be Her prayer.” ~ Mona Rain

* The term “Chacaruna” means “Bridge-Person.” You can find a more detailed explanation on our Home Page.

** Soul Retrieval – During traumatic experiences, it is not uncommon for parts of the soul to disengage from the whole, to be “lost” or “hidden”, leaving a sense of unease (and sometimes dis-ease) in the physical, mental, emotional, and/or energetic body. Shamans work with their Guides to retrieve those lost pieces, and to help recipients of their work to be restored to new levels of health and well-being.

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