Orders for Peruvian Mesa Cloths and Altar Cloths Due Thursday, July 7, 2016

Do you have altars in your home? Areas that are dedicated to honor others, or uphold that which is sacred to you? According to South Florida Shamanic Practitioner Mona Rain, most of us create altars in our homes without even thinking about it.

She explains, “A placement of family pictures ~ the honoring of Ancestors, Self, and Descendants. The display of groupings or singular candles, holy objects and symbols, and findings in Nature – like shells, crystals, leaves, and stones – that have spoken to you, or provide you with wisdom, or comfort. You might set up a tribute to a Beloved for whom you are praying for health, or for a soul that has transitioned.

“Such dedicated areas, activated by your intentions, and ‘feedings’ of prayers, candle lightings, flowers, and and other focused attentions, become places of power and connection – Sacred Sites and altars, vortexes of energy.”

What is a Mesa Cloth or Altar Cloth?

To take your creation of sacred space to another conscious level, consider the use of an authentic Peruvian Altar Cloth, or Mesa Cloth, as it is known to those who practice shamanism. For Curanderos and Curanderas, Medicine Men and Women, the Mesa Cloth is the holy vessel of safekeeping, and then the foundation for the very particular arrangement, of objects of special meaning, power, and connection to a sacred site – a place of connection to the Divine and to Mother Earth/Pachamama, a vortex of prayer.

Mona will be traveling to Peru at the end of this week, where she will be offering a variety of services for kindred spirits here at home – one of those offerings being to hand-pick Mesa and Altar Cloths for those who place their orders, and make payments, by this Thursday, July 7, 2016.

The Peruvian Mesa cloths are hand-picked by Mona based on the intentions of the buyer, the direction of her Guides, and the energies of the cloths. She purchases them from a variety of places; some are from the Chincheros village, where a co-op of women weaves the cloths to support their village. Some are crafted by the Q’ero peoples, and other villages around Cuzco, and even from the Amazon jungle.

Mona also visits a tiny store that sells “antiguos,” used cloths from decades ago, that are spectacular in their energetic components. These cloths are always priced higher due to their increasing rarity as progress influences the ancient traditional ways.

How are Mesa Cloths and Altar Cloths Made?

The cloths are woven from llama, alpaca, and other wools. The finer alpaca (vicuña) is available, and their pricing is higher due to the market value of the animal’s soft wool. Colors and sizes abound and vary. Sizes start at approximately 1’x1′, and can go as large as 4’ and 5′ in the finer selections.

In Chincheros Village, and some others, the women use natural berries to color the wool, based on their ancestral processes that have been used for generations. In others, the weavers have submitted to the advancement of progress by using synthetic dyes. Designs are woven into the cloth that symbolize their village.

How to Order Your Mesa Cloth/Altar Cloth

This is a sweet, unique offer for those dedicated to living consciously, those who honor or have an affinity for Heart Island (South American) and Peruvian traditions, those who appreciate indigenous art, and those who are devoted to their shamanic paths, such as the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. They also make wonderful gifts for birthdays, holidays, and any time – just because you love another.

Contact Mona by email at Mona@ChacarunaHealing.com for more information about the kind of wools available, sizes, and costs, and to discuss shipping fees where applicable. The deadline for submitting a pre-paid order is this Thursday, July 7th.

Click on the photo below to learn about additional July 2016 healing offerings from Mona!


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