A Message of Gratitude to Our Brothers and Sisters from Mona and Don Pepe

Distance Healing & Despacho Offerings from the Sacred Sites of Peru~From Mona’s Journal: July 20, 2016  Cuzco, Peru

As a ChacaRuna, a person who acts as a bridge for bringing healing service into the world, I’ve come to understand and accept my unique role in my life. Each time I travel into the Sacred Lands of Peru that I so dearly love, I am always asked to offer a prayer or a kintu, or to pray at a specific vortex, or bring back a stone from a sacred site, or a specific item from the local markets. This solo journey to Peru was no exception; and my personal tutelary guides gave me messages at my Mesa and in my dreamtime to expand these offerings for our Brothers and Sisters.

don Pepe and I have been offering despachos and distance healings for several years during my journeys into Peru to apprentice with him, and the results have always been magical and special. He has had keen gifts & abilities to see into the “unseen realms” for distance healings on behalf of those who come to him for guidance since the age of 5!

On this journey, I brought a large number of our Brothers’ and Sisters’ prayers, wishes, deep heart-felt offerings, struggles, illnesses, traumas, and healing intentions to the profound encantos that still exist within the ancient healing traditions of the highlands, and the jungles of Peru. don Pepe and I were deeply humbled by each request, and deeply honored and tearful for the emails and conversations brought to us by each person through the guiding spirits, Pachamama, and the Mother Plant.

As I presented each offerings to don Pepe, we reflected & planned together the day, site, and time that would best serve each person, and family. We made pilgrimages across the land that took us an entire day. Ceremonies often went until well into the early hours of the night, under the beautiful glow of the chaskras-stars and MamaKilla-grandmother moon.

For those who made requests who are unable to travel due to many factors in their lives, this was an opportunity to experience in “shamanic flight” a gift from the mysticism that continues to offer incredible healing, connection and ceremonial reverence! Our hearts were full as we rode on public buses to the Sacred Valley to work on behalf of those requesting healing, as we walked for hours upon the lands, as we prayed, and as we gazed into the fires, and into the heavens and the blanket of stars of the Milky Way.

Says don Pepe, “It is a pleasure and an honor for Mona and I to come here (to the sacred site vortexes),  and perform ceremonies that help our Brothers and Sisters from around the world!”

Some comments and testimonials from “those who traveled with us” on this special journey tell of the blessings of the sacred land, and the power of the ancient traditions:

~~ “Wow is all I can say… what clarity came into my life. I am so grateful for you and don Pepe’s work! I have continued to have such an energetic push since The Ceremony! So much clarity! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing healing! Thank you so much Mona Rain and don Pepe.”  ~K.M.D., Florida

~~“I am so honored to receive this blessing from you Monita and don Pepe, I am crying too! This is such a beautiful message and confirmation of the work I have the honor to assist with here in Switzerland.”  ~E.B., Switzerland

~~”I had an amazing shift this weekend. My energy and connection have been amazing. Thank you, Mona and don Pepe, for your gifts!” ~C. O., Florida

~~”Thank you Sister for your loving service for all of us today. Hugs and Munay ❤❤❤” ~S.R., Arizona  (Later, this Soul messaged us to say that the despacho offered on her behalf had been “life saving,” as it had been activated during a serious health issue; her doctor says she is “lucky to be alive!”)

~~”Dear Mona and don Pepe, ever since your distance healing for me I’ve been going to sleep at night with genuine peace in my heart, and rising with renewed energy in my body and mind. My sense of self has been steadily, noticeably more clear and confident; it may sound trite, but it has actually been easier for me to ‘accept what I cannot change, and have the courage to change what I can.’ Everything around me seems to be responding to these changes; the portals of possibility for my life seem to be expanding! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for grounding and centering me, while also lightening the burdens I had been carrying, so that I might fly.” ~W.D. 

~~”Thank you, dear Mona and Don Pepe ! Beautiful ! We are so grateful for your offering. My husband has been feeling so much better the last few days, a Miracle! There are no words to express our gratitude. Blessings, Munay, May all beings everywhere benefit!”  ~D. & T. C.

don Pepe and I are so full of blessings from these offerings we were able to facilitate, and wish to extend our deep gratitude to each and every one of you who enriched our lives through your heartfelt prayers. “Distance Healings from Peru” have become an integral part of our sacred work together. And, of course,  our Vision Quest tours when we bring groups of pilgrims with us to, “Walk softly upon Pachamama and BE Her Prayer…” We are always honored to hear from you, to work on your behalf, and to learn of how Pachamama’s Medicina has manifested in your life after a distance healing ceremony.

Munay, Munay, Munay,  ~Monita & don Pepe

A message from Mona:  “don Pepe and I will be leading a Spiritual Vision Quest Oct 31-Nov 12, 2016.  We will be offering our Distance Healings to you at this time. Please contact me by Oct. 17, to secure this unique opportunity.  All requests need to be secured with personal details and payments by this date! We are honored and look forward to assisting our brothers and sisters within the sacred lands of Peru! ”    Munay!


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