Medicine from the Mesa: February 2017 Full Moon

Pictured here, Illimani is the highest mountain in western Bolivia. In Incan mythology Apu Illimani is “guardian of the Lake Titicaca regions, Island of the Sun and the Moon, birthplace of the Incan civilization.” The sacred ruins at Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku have an exquisite view of Illimani Apu.

“Machula Aulanchis” is Quechua for “Benevolent Old Ones.” The indigenous peoples of the Andes offer prayers and gratitude to the mountain spirits (the APUs) to connect with the Wisdom of the “Old Ones,” knowing they bring Wisdom, Strength, and Higher Guidance, as well as profound connections to the upper realms, the stars…

In these times of great change, allow the Wisdom and Guidance from the Machula Aulanchis – the Benevolent Old Ones – to nourish you, and give you strength! As the powerful Full Moon/Penumbral Lunar Eclipse energies peak, stand boldly in the light Luna exudes in Her dance with Pachamama, and be receptive… Even if clouds block her view, KNOW that The Light Is there! Ajallo!

An additional Sacred Celestial Offering: In the wee hours of Saturday, February 11, there will also be a “green-hued comet” passing through at 3 a.m. est. Look up, and whether or not you have good visibility, notice what messages come!

Munay from South Florida Shamanic Practitioner Mona Rain, and from Tracey Paradiso, Wind Born Woman Seeing Deeply

P.S.  The Sāmi Brothers, Alex and Madhu, chant a beautiful Machula Aulanchis tribute on their digital album, “Nuna Kallpa,” They recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the creation of their upcoming digital album, Ch’aska Punku (Star Portal). Be sure to follow them on Facebook, too.

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