Pre-Total Solar Eclipse Shamanic Distance Healing from Peru-Book Now!

In the rarefied energies following the close of the Lion’s Gate Portal on August 12, and just prior to the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, Curanderos Mona Rain and don Pepe Arancibia will be offering distance healings from the sacred lands of Peru.

Do you have special prayers and intentions you would like them to bring to Pachamama on your behalf? They may be for:

  • Healing of body, mind, emotions, or soul
  • Support in recovering from trauma
  • Guidance for a difficult situation
  • Transmutation of grief
  • Easing fears
  • Mending from wounded relationships
  • Strength in the face of changing family patterns
  • Stamina and clarity through recovery from an addiction
  • Blessings upon a milestone or decision
  • Giving gratitude for prayers already answered

Reservations and payment for this unique opportunity are due to Mona by August 4, 2017. Please email Mona at, or call her at (954) 675-5945.

For an insider’s look at Mona’s experiences in offering Shamanic Distance Healing from Peru, please click here. To learn more about Shamanic Distance Healing, please click here.


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