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Mona Rain Path of Light Initiation Chacaruna Healing

As a healer, teacher, and curandera for over 25 years, shamanic practitioner Mona Rain is gifted in bridging ancient shamanic traditions and holistic healing practices. Her life and work embody assisting others in discovering vital bridges both within and outside themselves, creating opportunities for healing the body, mind, heart, and Spirit. Her work allows her clients to safely access their deep recesses of self-empowerment for the creation of personal transformations. about Mona Rain Peru pic

In 1998, Mona was plunged into a “healing crisis” from a vaccine poisoning, and experienced her initiatory “shamanic death.” The experience propelled Mona to seek shamanic connection and instruction so as to access profound healing within herself. She was led to the Yachak fire shamans in Ecuador and was initiated into her Path of Light and the Fire Tradition in the high Andean mountains. From that moment, the energies and traditions of the Andes became her passion and life’s work. The story of the beginning of her shamanic path has been published in Shamanic Transformations – True Stories of the Moment of Awakening, edited by Itzhak Beery (published by Inner Traditions, 2015).

As Mona’s fascination in the shamanic realms grew and her experiences in personal healing continued, her journeys and trainings brought her to the indigenous cultures of North and South America. She has been blessed with powerful ceremonial interactions, teachings, practices, and initiations from don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, John Perkins, anthropologists and archeologists of Peru, the Yatiri Elders of Bolivia, the Grandmothers of the Global Sacred Water Tribe, as well as other tribal medicine keepers of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Mona has spent extensive time traveling throughout Peru and Ecuador, with direct initiations, experiences and trainings.

Mona is a Sanctioned Teacher & lineage carrier in Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for personal and planetary renewal, originated by don Oscar Miro-Quesada.  She is available for teaching and one-on-one mentoring in-person or remotely.  (see below)

Shamanic vision quests, pilgrimages & initiations, ceremonies upon the lands of Turtle Island (North America) and Heart Island (South America), practices of indigenous medicine people, and the wisdom of sacred medicine plants inform her shamanic practice today. As Mona inter-weaves the shamanic healing practices of the ancients and indigenous cultures with modern needs, she expertly guides you in accessing and working with your OWN innate healing wisdom to create personal empowerment, and to continuously work to restore balance and harmony in these auspicious times of awakening consciousness.

Mona’s extensive trainings in holistic medicine includes 12 years experience in comprehensive outpatient physical therapy, where she worked closely with orthopaedists, neurologists, dentists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, and psychologists.

She has studied Advanced Craniosacral Therapies and Acupressure at the Upledger Institute, learning advanced modalities, including therapeutic imagery & “speaking” with the consciousness of the body/mind/spirit (biofeedback).  In addition, Mona studied Transpersonal Psychology at the Synthesis Institute in Miami.

Mona maintains a private shamanic healing practice at The Shaman Spirits Cave in Boynton Beach, Florida & in Cuzco, Peru. She offers Pachakuti Mesa Tradition one-day workshops, as well as the 5-Part PMT Apprenticeship Series. Additional offerings include individual mentoring & coaching, exploration of the divine feminine, ceremonial ritual arts, and Ecuadorian fire cleansings.

While Living in Peru, Mona offers:  *Spiritual Vision Quests and journeys, *Pachakuti Mesa Tradition teachings, rituals and *Paqowachu’s.

*Personalized or group despacho rituals & coca readings with her Q’ero Elder, (Live on-line appointments are offered).

*Communion with sacred plant allies, shamanic healing, and distance or remote healings for those who are unable to visit Heart Island, but are called to receive the medicine of the sacred lands.

SHUNGO! (Quechua) ~ “From my Highest Heart to your Highest Heart”


Phone: 954~675~5945 Text, and What’sApp.

Email: Mona@ChacarunaHealing.com

Located:  112 S. Federal Hwy,  Boynton Beach, FL. 33435  &  Cuzco, Peru

MA# 13722
MM# 37077

In-person shamanic services are available in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Dade County in South Florida, as well as in Cuzco, Peru. Mona offers Distance Healings and Shamanic Journeying from her Healing Cave in Florida, as well as from the mystical lands of sacred Peru.

Mona Rain Ecuador Initiation Chacaruna Healing


Walk Softly with PACHAMAMA and Be Her Prayer. ~ Mona Rain