Andean Shamanic Healing and Pachakuti Mesa Tradition in Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts

Andean Shamanic Practices Mona Rain Fire Cleansing

Shamanic Practices of the Andes and Amazon, their descendants, and other ancient traditions are known to have profound effects in re-balancing ones physical and energy bodies. The wisdom of these ancient techniques lies in the simple yet powerful connection of the earth’s energies, plants and elements, and aligning ones own energies for optimal healing. Integrating shamanic wisdom, energetic modalities and medical expertise, Mona is able to bridge uniquely profound healing between her clients’ physical, energetic, and spiritual health.

In our sessions, I incorporate the wisdom teachings of the elders, the ancestors, the universal energy and divinity available to all of us in each moment. It is my honor and my privilege to assist in a client’s healing path. My practice assists my clients to awaken to their highest potential through the wisdom of their own mind, body, soul. I believe that all healing comes through our Earth Mother ~ Pachamama, and the sacred elements of fire, water, earth, and air.

I welcome you to Chacaruna Healing, the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, and our journey together. ~ Mona Rain

Andean Shamanic Healing ~ Earth Medicine Offerings:  

Mona offers these services both In-Person and Remotely!

Soul Retrieval: In the shamanic traditions, soul retrievals are performed to re-unite those “lost parts” of ourselves with our psyche and spirit. Soul loss can occur through trauma, illness, accident, physical – sexual – emotional abuse, fright, war, severe stress. Mona calls upon the assistance of her spirit allies to “find” the dis-associated “lost part” and return it anew. It is re-integrated as a healthy and healed aspect of the psyche once again.  Symptoms may be anxiety, illness, depression, emotional disturbances, addictions, repetitive destructive patterning.

Shamanic Extractions: Extractions are removal of dense, unwanted energies or blockages in the physical body or auric field. These may create illness, pain, depression, etc. In severe cases, dense entities may intrusively attach to a person’s auric field and create anxiety or the person feeling unsafe or “not themselves”. Mona performs extractions in several different ways, depending on the individual.

Mona and don Jose Quispe of the Q'ero

Mona and don Jose Quispe of the Q’ero

Walk Softly with PACHAMAMA and Be Her Prayer. ~ Mona Rain


As a shamanic practitioner, I have experienced the powerful benefits of receiving shamanic healing in-person in various forms. Recently, Shaman Mona Rain performed a distance cleansing for me while I was in a period of feeling inexplicably “stuck.” I was still, comfortable and receptive while Mona performed the cleansing several states away in her Shaman Spirits Cave. I found myself on my own shamanic journey during the cleansing. Afterward Mona called me and we updated each other on our experiences. We saw several of the same images and guides, and received some of the same messages! But more importantly, Mona saw where and how I was stuck, and worked with her guides, along with those who appeared to her, to clear the “density” around me. In short, she cleansed, refreshed and refilled my energy field, and “wove” me into a new start and a place of empowerment within myself. I highly, unequivocally, recommend Mona Rain for her distance shamanic services, and very much look forward to experiencing her sacred medicine in person. – Tracey Paradiso (