Distance Healing

Distance Healing Mona RainShamanic traditions are not bound by time and space. As energy in physical form, we are an integral part of the animating universe around us.

When doing a distance healing for you, Mona creates sacred space for you, and calls upon her spirit allies and yours to support and assist with the session/healing. Your intention and presence in quiet surroundings during the healing is essential for maximum benefit. Mona is then able to journey into non-ordinary states of reality with you and the spirit allies to perform the healing.

Depending on the person’s level of sensitivity they may or may not feel the session immediately. The healing allies “know” when the healing needs to occur. Some may be immediate, some may take place over time, just as with an in-person session. Any messages or instructions given by the healing allies for your benefit is discussed after completion.

Mona also offers Distance Healings when in Peru with her mentor, don Pepe, and her Q’ero Elder coalescing the energy from the sacred lands, spirit and plant allies from the region.

For a detailed description of Shamanic Distance Healing, also known as Remote Healing, please review our blog post entitled, “What is Shamanic Healing?”

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Walk Softly with PACHAMAMA, and Be Her Prayer. ~ Mona Rain

Testimonials on Distance Healing:

I highly recommend Mona both for hands on healing at the Shaman Spirit’s Cave, and remote healing when you can’t get to her office.  I have been in situations late in the evening after office hours when I have experienced unusual multi-dimensional energies that require help in navigating!  Mona is able to track me and see what is going on.  She can connect with my guides to get information to help me in the moment.  I can’t really explain how this works – I just just know from personal experience that it does!  Victoria C.

As a shamanic practitioner, I have experienced the powerful benefits of receiving shamanic healing in-person in various forms. Recently, Shaman Mona Rain performed a distance cleansing for me while I was in a period of feeling inexplicably “stuck.” I was still, comfortable and receptive while Mona performed the cleansing several states away in her Shaman Spirits Cave. I found myself on my own shamanic journey during the cleansing. Afterward Mona called me and we updated each other on our experiences. We saw several of the same images and guides, and received some of the same messages! But more importantly, Mona saw where and how I was stuck, and worked with her guides, along with those who appeared to her, to clear the “density” around me. In short, she cleansed, refreshed and refilled my energy field, and “wove” me into a new start and a place of empowerment within myself. I highly, unequivocally, recommend Mona Rain for her distance shamanic services, and very much look forward to experiencing her sacred medicine in person. – Tracey Paradiso (www.Tracey-Paradiso.com)

Dear Mona,  Your Distance Healings have given me a renewed sense of awareness and a stronger foundation for rebuilding my life after enduring a “dark night of the soul.” Since then, I have been able to maintain a more positive and grounded existence with a deeper understanding of myself and the world we live in. Your work is a gift!  -Blessings, Glen G.

Distance Healings from Peru

Mona has worked with me and my 2 sons since 2005.  I now live out-of-state. In early 2015 on her pilgrimage to Peru with don Pepe, I requested a Distance Healing with them for a family healing and my longing for my past life in Florida. Our family had to relocate due to my husband’s employment. Not long after the distance healing, I accepted and gained a new perspective on the beauty of our new lives here.  don Pepe’s wisdom and recommendations brought our family back to a harmonious unit, with a return of joy and deep communication with all!  It is profound healing I attained with the powerful energy of this type of healing.  WOW!  I have so much gratitude for their presence in my life and for my family.   G. F.,  Energy Therapist, MA

I was amazed by the healing that came from the long distance work with don Pepe and Mona Rain. I highly recommend it! It is Powerful medicine!    N.N.  Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor, Boynton Beach, Fl.

I had never done anything quite like this so I was curious as to what the results would be.  Mona left for Peru and I went on with my life.  A few evenings later I was lying on the couch watching TV and this flush of heat went through my body.  I turned off the TV and lay there for an hour or two.  I saw visions of colors and heard swishing noises. The heat in my thyroid was intense.

When Mona returned a few weeks later I realized the experiences I had were when she was in ceremony room in Peru.  She told me don Pepe and her saw my energy body swishing around the room. They then prayed for my healing as they journeyed into other dimensions.  I would definitely do this again as I felt a marked improvement in my wellness and energy after the experience. I recommend this type of healing session as it has great value.  Denny Reed, Artist, Owner: People Development, Boynton Beach, FL.