Ecuadorian Fire Cleansings

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Ecuadorian Fire Cleansings are from the Yachak lineage tradition and have evolved from the volcanic and fire energies in the high Andes of Ecuador. Pilgrimages are made to the three sacred volcanic vortexes in Ecuador.  These sacred volcanic vortexes are a combination of the masculine and feminine energies of the spirits.  The Fire Cleansing ceremony unites these energies.

Mona undertook pilgrimages and experienced initiations in Ecuador, receiving the teachings and initiating in the Fire Cleansings so that she may perform them for others.

The Fire Cleansings elicit rapid cleansing, rapid releasing, rapid transmuting.  This is Powerful, Transformational, and Healing for ALL of your subtle bodies and contains the direct energy of the sacred volvanic vortexes and the energy of the Yachak lineage initiations.

Allow the element of sacred fire to transmute the heavy energy you may be carrying, and open yourself to new balanced energy for your being.  After the Fire Cleansing, you will feel lighter, refreshed, and energized.

In a ceremonial setting surrounded by a beautiful garden in nature, your auric field and chakras will be cleansed with the fire. Following the cleansing, your auric field will be balanced and sealed with a floral water bath ~ bano de flores of the tradition.  Mona prepares the floral water bath by hand and in ceremony prior to the fire cleansing.  Each preparation is unique for the recipient.

Please bring a “gift for the fire” and write on paper those items you wish to transform. Participants are asked to bring either small amount of bird seed and/or tobacco for to gift to the spirits of the land.  Mona will review the requirements with each participant prior to your Fire Cleansing appointment.

Release, Transmute, Ignite!  Shungo!

Mona is currently accepting appointments for Fire Cleansings and offers them at events at The Center for Human Development in Hollywood, Florida.  In some cases, Mona may be able to come to a personal home for Fire Cleansings but this is on a case-by-case basis.

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Walk Softly with PACHAMAMA and Be Her Prayer. ~ Mona Rain


Dear Mona,
I’m writing this email to express my deepest gratitude for your commitment to sharing your Healing Skills with everyone. The shift that I experienced after my Fire Ceremony with you, really can’t be expressed in words, it was so deep and so profound.

I’ve been on my Spiritual Path and working on my issues for many years. Each modality and Shamanic practice, experience, and session we participate in, adds something new to our Personal Toolbox. We on our path don’t always cleanse ourselves and sometimes unconsciously take on some residuals from
our own clients or just those we encounter. We forget to CLEAR our own Energetic fields and our own Ancestral Lineage.

When you did the Fire Ceremony, as we both remember, if was crystal clear that I had needed to do that. I feel so Honored to have done it with you. My Ancestors thank you and my Children thank you. I was able to clear some Energies to Break the Pattern and not pass it on to my Children and give it
back to my Ancestors. To bring my Energies more into Alignment.

Thank you again for sharing your Healing gifts and skills, I know that for me it was something that I plan on doing with you more often.

Warm regards,
Sophie Soudai, Family Constellations Facilitator, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.