Gemstone Healing and Chakra Balancing

Crystal and Gemstone Healing and Chakra BalancingGemstones and their healing potentials is comparable to having another set of “hands” in my healing room” says Mona. “We are all vibration, in varying forms of structure and atomic makeup. Each gemstone contains their own vibrational state, molecular makeup, and vibrational color frequency.”

When experiencing a healing session with gemstones, Mona lays the gemstones on the seven chakra energy centers to restore energetic balance to that particular area. They may also be placed in the auric field around the body and at the feet.

Restoring balance and harmony at each chakra is the intention for health and well-being.

Gemstones are Mother Earth’s natural healers, and have been used by man for healing in many ancient civilizations. Passed down from days of old, gemstones have been used for protection, worn or attached to protective clothing and added to amulets, made as elixirs, and utilized in ceremonies and rituals.

Gemstone Healing and Chakra Balancing may be scheduled separately or as part of an Integrative Energy Session.

Integrative Energy Sessions may also include:

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Crystal and Gemstone Healing