How to Connect with Power Animals and Spirit Allies

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In the Shamanic World we are connected to the living universe around us, including all of Gaia’s creatures.  During Shamanic Journeying, we call upon the guiding spirits of the animal world, as well as our personal Spirit Allies to assist our travels into non-ordinary states of reality.  Learning how to connect with Power Animals and Spirit Allies is part of learning and exploring the Shamanic Path.  Mona is also able to work with individuals to advise and guide them to further connect with their Power Animals and Spirit Allies.

Power Animals:
Connecting with our Power Animals allows us to tap into the Power Animal’s inherent traits, protection capabilities, habits and nature adaptions to bring forth wisdom and protection for our journeying practices and life guidance. When we are born, at least one animal (if not others) volunteers to protect and guide us throughout our entire life .  As a child, you probably had a special affinity for a certain animal or pet, or even a mythological creature like a unicorn or dragon. This was very likely an expression of your main power animal. Your power animal often represents qualities and attributes that you may see in yourself.  It is your main guide that continues to guide you throughout your life.

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Spirit Allies:
You can have several spirit allies throughout your life.  They will come in and out of your daily life to assist with healing, empowerment, and/or life transitions. They can change depending wisdom and gifts you are incorporating onto your soul’s path and the connection you are desiring. Some will stay, some will rest, some will return as needed, reflecting in your own personality and life experiences.  Spirit Allies are also called Spirit Guides.

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