About Mona Rain – Chacaruna Healing, Shamanic Teachings & Journeys; Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Sanctioned Teacher & Lineage Carrier

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  As a healer, teacher, and curandera for over 25 years, shamanic practitioner Mona Rain is gifted in bridging ancient shamanic traditions and holistic healing practices. Her life and work embody assisting others in discovering vital bridges both within and outside themselves, creating opportunities for healing the body, mind, heart, […] Read more »

South Florida Shaman Mona Rain Offers Distance Healings, Despachos from Peru, July 12-17, and Other Unique Offerings

An announcement made by Mona Rain and don Pepe, with deep gratitude to both the Spirits of the healing medicine traditions of Peru, and to all those who will avail themselves of the following unique opportunities for transmutation, transformation, healing, well-being, and growth. Shungo! (From our hearts to yours!) This […] Read more »

Apacheta Built as Part of Shamanic Wisdom Series

Chacaruna Healing’s Shamanic Wisdom Series, Part 2, kicked off in June with the class, “Apacheta Building and Journeying with the Land.” Participants who had completed Part 1 of the Series gathered at the Center for Human Development in Hollywood, Florida, to learn this ancient indigenous practice, expand their shamanic practices, […] Read more »

Shamanic Wisdom Series (3 Classes) Starts March 5 – Center for Human Development Hollywood, Florida

This Wisdom Series #1 will be extremely experiential, heart-opening, self-empowering, revealing, and rewarding. Most of what I will be sharing cannot be found in a book.  I will be drawing upon my varied experiences with traditions of Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Amazonian, Native American cultures, our Pachamama, & the plant spirits. Insights will be […] Read more »