Shaman-Led Spiritual Vision Quests to Peru with Mona Rain & don Pepe

Autumn Equinox Amazon Jungle Immersion with Transformational Breath®                         September 21-October 1, 2018! 

10/5/2018 UPDATE ~ HOLA !  I’ve extended my stay here in Peru thru mid November.  If you have ever wanted to experience a traditional despacho, coca divination, or shamanic healing from the Sacred Lands of Peru ~ just for you or your family or loved one ~ please feel free to contact me soon!

The offerings will be LIVE for you to interact directly with the energies, don Pepe will be present with all translations and healings!     Blessings from Peru!    

~*~  …Stay tuned for Spring 2019 offerings of Sacred Journeys with Mona & don Pepe  ~*~         coming soon… ! 

 Travel with Curandera Mona Rain, Pachacuti Mesa Tradition Sanctioned Teacher and Curandero don Pepe, and Licensed Peruvian guide on this immersion into the mystical energies of the Amazon rainforest in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. As you explore the vast biodiversity of the world renowned Eco-Amazonia Lodge you will rest comfortably with the sounds and visual virgin nature that abounds at your very doorstep. The rich ecosystem boasts 634 different species of birds, reptiles, mammals, monkeys, aquatics. Hiking, canoeing, lounging in a hammock are yours for the 3 days and nights planned for this journey.  Night-time brings a carpet of stars overhead, and opportunities to participate ceremoniously with the sacred plant wisdom of this region. Reflection, group gatherings and integration, as well as our special offering of Transformational Breath ® within the “lungs” of the Amazon rainforest and Gaia/Pachamama!

This journey continues as it brings a taste of Cusco, Pisac and the Sacred Valley, and of course ~ what would a trip to Peru be without taking the time to travel to the powerful energy vortex of Machu Picchu, the famed “Crystal City, and UNESCO World heritage site? There will be meditations; deep connections and reverence with our Earth Mother, the elements; exposure to both Ancient shamanic wisdom, and the rich local culture, clarifying and cleansing opportunities. This is a journey thoughtfully created for abundant nurturing and rejuvenation for your body, mind, spirit, and yes… your heart.

Under the impeccable, sensitive, guidance of Mona and don Pepe, you will ceremoniously experience the sacred vortexes of  the lush womb of our Amazon Rainforest & its pristine spirits within; Ollyantaytambo, Machu Picchu; Aguas Calientes Hot Springs, Cuzco and the Plaza de Armas, Qorichancha, Pisac & Pisac marketplace, Inkariy Museum, and several pre-Incan ceremonial sites that are don Pepe and Mona’s favorites! During down time, you will be nestled in the spectacular fertile energies of Sacred Valley.   

Is this pilgrimage to the Earth’s essence – which will bring you to your essence – for You?   Ask yourSelf:

  • Do you long for deeper connection with the earth, and with others? (Such longing is often rooted in the need for connection for oneSelf – 
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by today’s world?
  • Have you been wanting to treat yourself to “The Trip Of A Lifetime”? Do you long to mark the end of one chapter in your life, and/or the beginning of a new one, with a journey that’s spectacularly and extraordinarily meaningful? (Testimonials from past trips, toward the bottom of this page, speak to these thoughts best.)

Please contact Mona directly for more information, and the detailed itinerary  Thank you for your gracious consideration!

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Throughout the year, south Florida-based shaman and curandera Mona Rain joins Peruvian Shaman and Curandero don Pepe Arancibia, to act as spiritual guides for Shaman-Led Vision Quests to Mystical Peru. The Vision Quests are an intimate exploration both within and without. While traversing Pachamama’s sacred lands, connecting with the energies, and partaking in ancient indigenous ceremonies, journeyers come to profound new understandings about themselves, create healing, and awaken to love and joy in its purest forms.

Individually, Mona and don Pepe each offer a wealth of shamanic, healing, and teaching skills, both learned and innate, and have touched innumerable lives while bringing blessing and awareness to Pachamama. Together, they create and lead unforgettable, transformational Spiritual Vision Quests. Please click here to learn more about Mona, and click here to learn more about don Pepe.

This is the typical testimonial offered in response to Mona and don Pepe’s skills as spiritual tour guides:

“Mona and Pepe make the perfect guides for a Peruvian Quest.  They are a beautiful balance of feminine and masculine energy.  They know how to lead a group physically, mentally, spiritually.  They intuit your energy, knowing what you are experiencing and how to help you navigate allowing you to have a an amazing experience!”   ~ V.C., FL

Past Vision Quests have taken travelers to sacred lands and vortexes such as Cuzco; The Amazon Rainforest-Madre de Dios; Tres Cruces; Sacred Valley; Moray; Ollyantatambo; The Church of the Ancients; Anta Valley; Killa-Rumiyok (Moon Stone) Women’s Temple; Machu Picchu, the famed Lost City of the Incas; Tipon Water Temple; Pisac; Plaza del Armas; Koricancha, the Incan Temple of the Sun; Lake Titicaca; Sacsayhuaman; Temple of the Moon…and more.

Despacho created in ceremony during the Solstice Vision Quest to Peru, June 2015.

Throughout these trips, ancient traditions and sacred ceremonies take place daily. Learn about and take part in the tradition of the sacred Coca Leaf, and if you so desire, avail yourself of a Coca Leaf reading by an Elder from the Q’ero nation. Offer gifts to and ask for blessings from Pachamama and the Apus, the mountain spirits, in a traditional Andean Despacho Ceremony. Connect with the wisdom of the sacred ceremonial plants in indigenous cultures.

One past traveler, Ken Herft, Jr., created a video that beautifully depicts glimpses of the sacred lands and traditions. Please click here to immerse yourself in the magic!

Another past traveler shares the following experience:

“…my husband and I had the opportunity to travel in the magic land of Peru with Mona and Pepe. I remember being in a ceremony with the beautiful ikaros sung by Pepe, with Mona kneeling & looking like a guardian angel, praying for the Spirit’s opening. Traveling with the two of them, we learned much about the native people of Peru and the ancient cultures of the country. Sitting in the field of Sacsayhuaman, looking at the amazing walls of this historical site while Pepe led a meditation, was an amazing and healing moment. I was so fortunate to be able to travel with these remarkable guides, that I returned a gentler person.  I will always thank them for this trip and one day, I hope to see more magical sites under their guidance.” ~ Mary M. Director of HR.,  Principal, Geosyntec Consultants Inc., Boca Raton, FL

If you’d like more details about the upcoming Amazon Jungle Immersion Journey to Peru in Sept, 2018, or about private tours or future group Vision Quests, please email Mona Rain at

Here are some additional reviews of past trips, and of your spiritual guides:

My Spiritual Vision Quest ~ June 2015     

“I had the incredible experience of realizing a dream, a dream that I been cultivating on some level of my existence, in each and every lifetime, that I have lived over the last 1,000 years.  I believe that I was able to bring this dream to fruition, in this lifetime, due to my sacred contract with Mona Rain.

It has been through and with her guidance, mentorship, compassion, unconditional love, understanding and genuine belief in her mission to be the bridge that enables those of us who choose the journey, to travel and arrive back home, safely and complete.

Working with Mona over a period of four years, she assisted me in assimilating to channeling Masters of the Light, as well as working and integrating other intuitive abilities, to the degree, that I felt ready to experience Peru at the depths it was meant for me.

Knowing that Mona was always holding sacred space for me, allowed for me to truly let go of any fears or inhibitions. I believe that this true sense of freedom, along with the incredible energies of Peru, help set the stage for the most amazing experience of my life. I was gifted with the integration of a fragment of my over-soul and the energetic activation and alignment with the universe.

I have experienced Mona’s essence and truth, and know that she works from the highest level of integrity. It is because of these qualities, coupled with her knowledge, beliefs, wisdom and dedication to the ancients, that I choose her as my maestra and guide to Peru.

Mona’s partnership with don Pepe (an authentic Peruvian guide) is a match made in the cosmos. Together they bring about an experience, that some could only dream about.

It was evident that Mona and don Pepe planned each and every aspect of this amazing trip, with exquisite precision. From the intricate sacredness of the ceremonies to the leisure trips into the jungle for a day of hiking. Each day, each hour, built upon the latter, creating excitement and wonder.

Don Pepe was brilliant with his teachings and gentle guidance in the ways and history of the Peruvian people. Each day we all looked forward to his sharing of Peruvian customs, stories, daily antidotes as well as the daily agenda.

I began my trip with an open mind and and open heart, hoping only to find something I had been searching for, for over a thousand years… I ended my trip with a mind full of possibilities and a heart full of contentment, knowing that someday soon I would return to a place I now knew I could truly call home.

I consider it to have been a great honor to have had Mona and don Pepe as my Guides on such an incredible journey and will be forever grateful.”   ~ Susan Johnston, Pensacola, Fl.  Intuitive Life Coach/Certified Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

“Mona Rain is my ‘Shaman, Healer, Sage’.  I have been a regular client of hers for over 10 years and the healing I have experienced physically, mentally, and spiritually has been profound.  In addition to her skills as a healer, I am so grateful for her calm and grounded demeanor.  I place my full trust in her abilities and her confidentiality.  Mona is also a teacher of Earth Medicine & shamanism.  My connection with Gaia has grown as a result of her leadership.  I have learned many self-healing techniques from her teachings.   

In 2012, I traveled to Peru with Mona as part of a tour group on an archaeological and spiritual quest.  It was there that I met Pepe Arancibia, one of our Peruvian guides.  He knows his way around Peru!  Pepe is a sweet and gentle man so connected to the Energies, the Cosmos, and the Earth.  He tunes in to your needs, and supports you at the perfect time.  Speaking of time, there were periods that I needed more time in order to process and integrate my experiences and he graciously allowed me to have it.”  ~ V. C. W. Palm Beach, FL.

The photos in the following collage were taken during the Solstice Vision Quest to Peru in June 2015, at a spiritual vortex that is not on any tourist map. Sacred silence enveloped all as a portal to the Ancients and the Star Beings opened… Blessings to these dedicated travelers: (top to bottom, left to right) Stacy, Wendy, Cheryl, Karen, Brian, Kenny, and Susan, as you integrate the energies and experiences that touched and transformed your heart and soul. Click here to read a blog post about the Solstice Vision Quest to Peru, June, 2015. Visit Mona’s Facebook page, Chacaruna Healing and Shaman Spirits Cave, to see more photographs.


Remember to email Mona at for information about the Autumn Equinox journey this September 21-Oct 1, 2018, and with any interest you may have in trips to come.   You are also welcome to inquire if Mona and don Pepe will be doing distance healings as part of their upcoming Vision Quest work.

“…my husband and I traveled with Mona and a small group to Peru on a healing and heart opening journey. There we had the pleasure of meeting Pepe. It was a honor to travel with both Mona and Pepe.  They are wonderful souls:  Mona’s grounded and unassuming demeanor combined with Pepe’s gentle nature allow one to feel comfortable and safe under their skilled and knowledgeable tutelage.  It was quite a memorable journey and one that we will carry in our hearts forever.  I highly recommend experiencing Peru under their guidance.”  ~  Kathy & Bruce G. ~ Owners, BirdSong~ Wwoof (willing workers on organic farms) & organizers of annul Kiwiburn Festival Christchurch, New Zealand

 “Walk Softly with PACHAMAMA and Be Her Prayer.” ~ Mona Rain