Sacred Ceremony with Mona Rain

Sacred Ceremony - Shamanic DrumOver 15 years ago Mona discovered the power and healing of the sacred women’s drumming circle and the drum.

“The connection I felt to the women sitting in this monthly new moon drumming circle gave me a sense of community and belonging that fulfilled my spiritual life, a connection I had been longing for. The prayers, the ritual and sacredness of it all mesmerized me. We made our own drums in ritual fashion with sacredness, I learned the chants and drumbeats, listened and absorbed each moment.”  Mona Rain

Not long after, Mona was given the message by her spirit guides to create and hold her own drumming circles for the community in which she lives and works. Her intention is to create a community circle for connection, healing, prayer, honoring of the ancestors of Turtle Island, and to revive the ancient traditions of the native relations.

Today, Mona offers drumming circles, fire ceremonies, sacred ceremonies and prayer on our lands wherever she may travel. She regularly does Andean Despacho ceremonies to gift back to the Earth Mother and her sentient beings in gratitude for their gifts.

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Drumming Circles: We gather in circle with as a community around the fire to feel the heartbeat our our Mother Earth through the power of the drum. Re-membering this ancient ritual, the heartbeat of the drum in rhythm with your own, and offer your prayers and gratitude to the Great Mystery.


Sacred Ceremony- Fire Ceremony: outdoor events held for the purpose of connecting with the spirits of the land, honoring equinoxes, solstices, special events.

Full Moon Drumming Ceremony 
Full Moon Drumming Ceremonies are being held at Spiritual Journey Holistic Center in Coral Springs, FL.   Please check Upcoming Events for details. Shungo!

Gather in circle, join in prayer at the fire as our ancestors did,  and experience indigenous ritual and community. We will gather on the full moon, drum, pray, discuss current celestial energies, and journey with our Hearts.  Please bring blanket, pillows, eye-covers, drums, rattles, friends, prayers, and … an Open Heart!  This circle is for men and women and children over 8!!

Garden at Center for Human Development Mona Rain


Incan Despacho Ceremony
Experience the Magical Energy of the Incan Despacho Ceremony.  This is an ancient traditional Andean gift of reciprocity- ayni. A despacho is a prayerful gift back to Pachamama Grand Mother Ocean- Mama Cocha.  The energy of an Ayni Despacho creates “right-relationship” or Ayni with All Our Relations. In the classes you will learn how to create a small ayni despacho of your own, and be given instruction with the proper ingredients according to the ancient q’ero traditions. Mona is also available on an individual basis to create despachos for your specific purpose.

Mona Rain Creating a Despacho at the Ocean 600

Mona Rain Creating a Despacho at the Ocean.

Mona Rain Despacho Ocean


Mona Rain Despacho Ocean 2


 Walk Softly with PACHAMAMA and Be Her Prayer. ~ Mona Rain