Medicine from the Mesa: February 2017 Full Moon

“Machula Aulanchis” is Quechua for “Benevolent Old Ones.” The indigenous peoples of the Andes offer prayers and gratitude to the mountain spirits (the APUs) to connect with the Wisdom of the “Old Ones,” knowing they bring Wisdom, Strength, and Higher Guidance, as well as profound connections to the upper realms, […] Read more »

What is Shamanic Distance Healing?

Shamanic Distance Healings, also referred to as “Remote Healings,” are offerings from Curanderas and Curanderos (Medicine Women and Men) who work in energetic realms, on behalf of the health and well-being of one who has requested such a healing. To answer many of the questions we receive about this shamanic […] Read more »

South Florida Shaman Mona Rain Offers Distance Healings, Despachos from Peru, July 12-17, and Other Unique Offerings

An announcement made by Mona Rain and don Pepe, with deep gratitude to both the Spirits of the healing medicine traditions of Peru, and to all those who will avail themselves of the following unique opportunities for transmutation, transformation, healing, well-being, and growth. Shungo! (From our hearts to yours!) This […] Read more »