Testimonials for Sanctioned PMT Teacher and Lineage Carrier Mona Rain

Sanctioned Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Teacher and Lineage Carrier Mona Rain, seated at her banco.

How did Mona Rain come to be a Sanctioned Teacher and Lineage Carrier of The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal? Briefly: From her early childhood growing up in rural Michigan, Mona Rain enjoyed a sacred connection with Nature’s gifts – the abundant wildlife, the elemental changes of seasons and cycles, and Mother Earth’s relationship with the heavens. The love, joy, amazement and gratitude Mona has always felt in her knowing that all sentient beings are one with Pachamama continue to guide her medicine path today.

A healing crisis and initiatory shamanic death called Mona fully to her life as a shamanic healer and mentor. Urged by “the unseen realms” to seek healing in Ecuador, she complied, and was infused with the living essence of the lands and the cultures. She saw clearly that her service to Pachamama included guiding people to sacred lands for experiences and direct initiations on the land with the plant medicines of both Heart Island (South America) and Turtle Island (North America). Since that time she has guided many a pilgrim on sacred journeys and spiritual quests to Peru and Bolivia.

In 2014, desiring a more intimate connection with the direct ancestral teachings of Peru and the mesa, Mona eagerly enrolled in the first offering of The Shift Network’s Universal Shaman’s course. Her love for the ancient traditions, the reverent ceremonial and ritual arts, and hermetic knowledge of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition fueled her devotion to Pachamama, and expanded her medicine path to share these wisdom teachings and powerful initiations in her mentoring, healing work, community, and daily life.

Mona begain her own studies in The 5-Part PMT Apprenticeship in 2015 with Cynthia Greer and Gary Langston, and shortly thereafter assisted Gary in establishing the first 5-Part Apprenticeship Series in South Florida. Her compacto of service within the living lineage of the PMT is integral to her Earth walk in South Florida, and upon the sacred lands of the Ancestors in Peru.

Mona is honored and Blessed to offer PMT half-day Introductory Workshops, and The PMT 5-Part Apprenticeship Series. With loving support and compassionate understanding, Mona guides others to re-member and re-connect with the beauty and wisdom of Pachamama, the guidance provided by the Unseen Realms, and their own sacred wholeness of spirit. Testimonials bear out her passion as a steward of the Earth, her loving devotion to “The Next Seven Generations,” and the integrity of her service to all who are searching for their miraculous unfoldment within the Great Mystery.

Contact Information:  Please send your requests and questions to Mona directly, either by TEXT & What’sApp: (954) 675-5945, or by EMAIL: Mona@ChacarunaHealing.com.